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Kate Morley

profile picture Kate Morley looking into distance

Kate Morley is a Nature based facilitator with over twenty years experience working within healthcare in the field of Audiology, helping individuals with hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness. She completed her clinical training at The Royal National Throat, Nose & Ear Hospital (London) and obtained a BSc(Hons) in Clinical Science with the specialism of Audiology. 

Kate has been partially deaf from birth and has worn hearing aids since the age of 10 years old; it was this early exposure to the world of aural diversity, and how exceptional audiological care can make a real world difference that inspired her career. Kate initially worked in the NHS then subsequently set up a private practice working in the Nuffield Health hospitals, community GP surgeries and visiting patients across Exmoor and Dartmoor on home visits.

Following the completion of her MSc in Rehabilitative Audiology at Bristol University she worked with her ENT colleagues to develop an evidence based tinnitus management programme.

Ecopyschology and Nature Therapy- why the interest?

Kate has always spent lots of time in the outdoors, as well as being a member and 'dogsbody'of a Search & Rescue team, in 2012, together with her husband, Kate started planting trees at her home, Hill Crest.

The wonderful charity Moor Trees helped plant over 4500 trees and it was seeing the impact that planting trees had on people and the positive effects that being in nature and giving back (reciprocity) had on mental and physical health that led to a keen interest in Green Care and Ecopsychology.

More recently Kate undertook training with the Natural Academy covering ecopsychology and facilitating nature based practice, as well as studying the theories of Green Care and Therapeutic Horticulture with the brilliant charity Thrive.

Nature's Ear is a nature and health practice that encompasses elements of nature therapy, forest bathing, nature based mindfulness and Green Care to work with individuals to improve their wellbeing. Kate has a particular interest in how people who hear differently experience nature, and what human and non-human aural diversity can teach us about different ways of being in a soundscape and how this can influence us in these times of biodiversity loss. 

As well as working as a nature based facilitator, Kate is currently studying part-time at the European Centre for the Environment and Human Heath at the University of Exeter for a PhD: 'Disability and Social Inclusion in Urban Nature'; rooted in Critical Disability Studies, Disability Justice and Environmental Justice, as part of the GroundsWell research consortium.    

Kate is a member of:


The Nature & Health Practitioner Network, British Society of Audiology, and British Academy of Audiology. 

Picture of Kate Morley peering out of young Birch Tree
group visit to discuss wilder land with young trees and yellow ragwort
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