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There is a growing body of evidence which shows that nature connectedness reduces stress, fatique, anxiety and depression. We will take you onto the land and work with you to develop a deeper understanding of nature and how this can impact you. 

Working together in a safe and secure space, we will use best practice to cultivate a deeper connection that will incorporate elements of eco-psychology, forest bathing, mindfulness in nature and depending on the seasons, green care and horticulture therapy. Hill Crest is also home to Devon Wildland's Tree Hub where we grow native trees from locally collected seed. Fostering a reciprocal relationship with nature can lead to improvements in physical and mental health, as well as helping to

mend the land.

Sessions are tailored to the individual's needs and comfort of being in a natural setting.

In order to minimise disruption to wildlife and pressure on the land we are a dog-free site (except assistance dogs) and our sessions are run on a one-to-one basis. If you would like to get involved and book a session please get in touch. Sessions normally last 2-3 hours.

Nature based practitioner

bendy ash tree covered in moss
Green man plaque
Standing stone at Hill Crest
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